The Bottom Line Package

Creating A Professional Online Presence


The Ventura is a traditional style layout for your web presence. It provides a clean-cut, to the point attitude for your target audience. With a visually captivating cover photo being the main focal point it’s important to instill trust. When first visiting your site people initially have their trust in your business go way up or way down. Stock photos work great but real photos and real people are always preferred. You are proud of your business why not portray that online for all of your potential customers. If you do not have professional photos to accompany the site, we do offer affordable photography services to help your site thrive.

All of the layout, color scheme, and vital information you have in mind for the site will be gathered during our quick set-up consultation. Our process is easy and effective.




Showcase: The Ventura
Style: Traditional 

  • Professional
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Client Favorite




The Ventura is a more traditional web layout. It has a modern look and feel with a strong sense of professionalism. It focuses on telling people about your business, and how they can benefit. This option incorporates components from all of our websites. It highlights navigation for users, business information portrayal, and incorporates media to drive that point home.


Feature Focus

Informative 90%
Ease of Use 100%
Media Rich 75%

When your target audience is on-the-go, so is your website

The Process

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After coming to terms with BL being the best deal, set up a consultation with us and after the quick 10-20 minute call, we can have your site up and running in as soon as 10 business days.

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